SureView Pro Solution for Race To The Top


Professional Growth Plan

The Professional Growth Plan (PGP) module automates the collaboratively developed steps that focus on what teachers need to learn and do to improve their practice, resulting in improved student learning. This module helps teachers engage in self-assessment, analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, and the priorities of both the school and district. A listing of professional development activities are developed by the education entity and listed as part of the PGP to support areas of focus.

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Individual Professional Development Plan

The Individual Professional Development Plan includes four parts: self-assessment, goal, strategies and resources for each goal and timeline for each goal reflects an educator’s skills and knowledge and is mandatory in most states. In order for an IPDP to be useful, it should be current and updated regularly. This (IPDP) module automates formulating the plan and scheduling periodic reviews while placing at an administrator’s fingertips the IPDP of each educator.

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SureView Pro Highlights

  • Affordable & Cost Effective
  • User Friendly
  • iPad & iPhone Compatible
  • Customizable
  • Database driven
  • Proven Track Record
  • “Go Green” a paperless system with electronic signature capability
  • Available Now
  • Support for both android mobiles and android tablets

  • Works well on both iPhone and iPad making it easy to monitor and track