SureView Pro Solution for Race To The Top

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SureView Pro?
SureView Pro is a Software solution for districts, states and educational entities that automates teacher evaluation processes.
Who developed it?
SureView Pro is developed by SGS Technologie, a leading custom software and product development company based in Jacksonville, Florida.
What’s SGS’ Experience and Expertise?
With a decade of application development and software service experience, SGS is among the most preferred company for federal and state government projects on software development and custom solutions.
What technology does SureView Pro use?
SureView Pro is developed using Microsoft .Net (C#) and Sql server 2008.
Is SureView Pro a teacher evaluation application only?
No, SureView Pro can be customized to support all categories of employee evaluations.
Does SureView Pro require a yearly subscription?
No, a number of payment options are available.
Will it impact students' Performance and Results?
SureView Pro is designed to automate and simplify the evaluation process and assist administrators with data capture and tracking using multiple observations. The data from multiple observations can be used to identify professional development that will strengthen instructional practices which impacts student performance.
Is SureView Pro implemented in other districts?
Yes, SureView Pro is used in several districts throughout the state of Florida.
Is it user-friendly?
Yes, employees who do not posses strong technology skills can maneuver through the various tabs with ease.
Do it require a lot of training time?
No, training per user is less than one hour.
Can it be accessed using my mobile device?
Yes, SureView Pro works well on both iPhone and iPad platform making it easy to access.
Will there be Customer support?
Yes, we offer complete customer support and provide 24/7 customer care.
Will the software work for us?
SureView Pro is developed as a complete solution for all states and School counties but we also accept customizations as per your demand.
Is there a limited to the amount of customization?
No, the solution can be customized to support your organization’s requirements and needs.
Do you provide a demonstration?
Yes, we will provide a free demo at your site. We prefer to demonstrate the product and its feature at your site so that we can answer questions that come during the demonstration. To schedulable a demonstration, please call (904) 332-4534 or mail email us at